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 German Bofors Round

A 1943 Steel Cased German Made Bofors Round Case With Reproduction Plastic Head

Price £60






 British Bofors 40mm Rounds

 1942 & 1943 Dated Brass Bofors Round Cases With Reproduction Plastic Heads

Price £49 Each






Repainted 30mm Rounds

Silver Painted Steel Cased 30mm Rounds With Fired Heads

Only £20 Each






WW2 British Z Battery Rocket Fuze Head Relic

A Rare No.209 Fuze Head From A Z Battery Rocket.

As Found Relic Condition

Price £40






WW2 German AZ39 Fuze Heads

Very Good Condition Fuze Heads From 37mmPAK Round

Dated 1942 With Clear Markings

Price £35 Each






WW2 German 20mm Flak Round

A 1944 Dated Flack Round With AZ49 Fuze Head

Note The Parts Will Not Fit Tightly Together.

Price £48






WW2 Hispano Cannon 20mm Rounds

As Used On Later Mark Spitfires. Wartime Dated Cases.

Price £45 Each






WW1 French 37mm Pom Pom Round

A Good Unfired Head 1918 Dated Round

For The Maxim 37mm Pom Pom Gun

Price £49






Replica PIAT Round

A Good Reproduction Of A WW2 PIAT Round

Resin Head With Metal Fins & Tube.

Head Will Unscrew Showing Dummy Shaped Charge.

Price £95



WW1 British No 83 Fuze Head

A Good Condition Brass Fuze Head That Will Partly Dismantle.

Price £45






WW1 German Dopp Z92nf Fuze Head

A Relic Fuze Head Recovered From A WW1 Battlefield.

Price £39







British Proximity L132 Drill Fuze Head

A Rare Dummy Proximity Fuze Head

Price £75






81mm Mortar Rounds

These Are Shortened Illumination Rounds.

Made To Look Like HE Rounds

Approx 20" Long

Price £75 Each






Inert 20mm Cannon Rounds

Some Very Good Unfired Head 20mm Rounds







Repainted 81MM Illumination Mortar Round

A Large Illumination Round That Has Been Repainted Grey.

Some Burn Hole Damage To Fin.

Hence Price £59






Replica WW2 2" Mortar Rounds

Very Good Quality Resin/Metal Replica 2" Mortar Rounds

TNT High Explosive ( Brown )

Or White Phosphorus ( Green ) Markings.

Caps Will Unscrew. Great For Display.

Price £59 Each.



WW2 German 88 Fuze Head & Container

An 88 Percussion Fuze Head With Some Corrosion Dated For 1944

With Bakelite Container Dated 1938

Price £89



WW2 Russian M1942 Anti Tank Gun Round

A Very Good Inert Unfired 45mm HE Round From The 1942 Anti Tank Gun

Nice Markings & Will Dismantle Easily.

Price £220



Replica 2" Mortar Rounds

Very Good Quality Copies Of British WW2 Mortar Rounds.

Caps Unscrew. Fins Are Metal. Body & Caps Are Resin.

Ideal For Period Display Where A New Look Is Required.

Price Only £59 Each.




Clip Of Three 30mm Rarden Wooden Training Rounds

A Clip Containing 30mm Rarden Rounds For Training On The Warrior & Scimitar Tanks

Price £45







German 37mm Maxim Pom Pom Rounds

Here Are Two Early 20th Century 37mm Rounds

Both German Made At Karlsruhe. Unfired Heads.

A. Dated August 1902. Brass Case Has Been Cut. Price £SOLD

B. Dated November 1903. Price £55



French LG1 GR51 Round

These Are Practice Rounds From The French Lance Grenade System

Really A Type Of Hand Mortar. Used By The Foreign Legion.

51mm Diameter & All Have Signs Of Corrosion & Tailfin Damage From Use.

Price £49 Each






OTO Melera TP Mod 79 Dummy Head

A 76mm Naval Deck Gun Dummy Round Head.

Used For Training.

C/W Brass Collar. Price £75






47mm Hotchkiss Rounds

Made By Elswick Ordnance For The Japanese Navy

Two Available Both VGC.

Price £125 Each





WW2 German Le.IG18 Rounds

Steel Cased 75mm Rounds.

One With Steel Driveband. Unfired Head. 1938 /43 Dated Case. C/W Paper Insert. Price £SOLD

One With Copper Driveband. Fired Head. 1942 /43 Dated Case. C/W Paper Insert. Price £129



WW2 Russian 120mm Mortar Round

An Inert 1944 Dated Large Mortar Round In Sound Condition

C/W Safety Cap & Fuze Head That Will Unscrew. 

Overall Length Is A Massive 67cm !!

Light Surface Rust & Pitting Otherwise Very Good Example.

Price £250



WW2 German 80mm Mortar Round

A Smoke Round With Original Paint.

Bakelite Fuze Head Will Not Screw In Completely

Price £199




WW2 120mm Russian Mortar Round

A Massive Mortar Round In Good Solid Condition.

All Threads Good & Will Disassemble Easily

Approx 67cm Long. Price £225




WW2 Soviet Anti Tank Bomblet

A Shaped Charge Type PTAB 2.5-1.5 Bomblet

As Dropped In Batches From Sturmovik Aircraft Against German Panzers

This One Is In Fair Condition & Not A Common Find In The UK.

Price £100






WW2 German Flak 88 Round

A Semi Relic Head With Flat Nose. ( Cleaning Round ).

Good Steel Case Dated 1943.

An Unusual Version.

Price £295







Inert Chromed 81mm Mortar Bomb

Used As A Display Item

Note Some Damage To Fin.  Price £135







 81mm Illumination Mortar Round Tail Sections

35cm Long. Cast Alloy. - Price £35 Each.