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Reproduction WW2 German 1kg Incendiary

A Very Realistic 'Aged' Full Size Copy Of A 1kg Incendiary.

It Is Lightweight Plastic But Can Be Filled To Give A More Realistic Weight.

Great For Blitz Display.

Price Only £49



German SD1 Bomblet

A Submunition Bomblet In Good Condition Unpainted.

Price £139






Russian RPG Rocket With Fins

A Good Condition Empty Case RPG Rocket With Fin Attachment In Container.

Price £169



WW2 German 1kg Incendiary Tile Breaker Bomb

Here Is An Example Of The Steel Head Version Of The Mass Dropped Incendiary Bomb

These Were Designed To Smash Through Tiled Roofs & Start Fires In Attics.

All Original Condition.

Price £SOLD



US M2A1 Inert Training Mine

An Inert M2A1 Mine With Detachable Trip Wire Fitting

This Type Of Bounding Mine First Used In WW2

Price £275







RAF Practice Bomb

An Original Blue Painted Steel Practice Bomb.

Some Rust To Finish. 21" Long With 4" Diameter Tail Fin.

Approx Weight 10.5kg. 

Price £SOLD






WW2 German SD1 Bomblet

An Unpainted Example With Deactivation Hole On Body

C/W Inert AZ73 Fuze Head

Price £145



Kriegsmarine Sea Mine Horn.

A Good Example Of A German Sea Mine Horn As Used In WW2

Approx 5.5" High. Price £95






British Army Drill Bar Mine

A 120cm Long Anti Tank Practice Mine.

Blue Plastic Casing With Dummy Fuze.

Price £110






Yugo TMRP6 Drill AT Mine

An Anti Tank Drill Mine Made Of Plastic

Heavy Weight Base To Replicate Charge.

Approx 29cm Diameter

Price £195



M6 Anti Tank Drill Mine

A Blue Painted Practice Mine.

Some Minor Dents Otherwise Good Example.

Price £140






WW2 US M1A1 Anti Tank Mine

An Original Inert & Repainted Anti Tank Mine

8" Diameter. Good Condition

Price £250



WW2 German Panzerfaust 30 Relic

A Repainted Relic Panzerfaust With Removeable Head

 Some Holes In Tube.

Head Looks Like It Has Had Some Filler Repairs

Price £200



RAF 8.5lb Practice Bomb

A 1926 Dated 16" Practice Bomb.

It Used A Percussion Cap To Set Off Marker Smoke

This Is A Rare All Metal Version Some Were Made Of Bakelite.

Price £295



L92 A2 Fuze Heads

To Fit 105mm Smoke Screening Rounds

Good Condition. Some Just Have Some Black Marks.

Price £45 Each



WW2 German SD1 Bomblets

Semi Relic Condition Bomblets With Cast Metal Fins.

Some Corrosion Prevents A2 73B Fuses From Screwing In

Price £65 Each ( 1 Left )






 WW1 3" Stokes Mortar Bomb

Here Is A Semi Relic WW1 Trench Find

Rusted All Over But Will Dismantle As Shown.

Price only £95








WANTED INERT ORNANCE. WW2 Incendiary Bombs, Mortars, Grenades, Rockets Etc.