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WW2 Canadian Mills No36M Grenade

A Very Good Galt Industries Body Grenade With Chatco Lever.

C/W Inner Tube, Spring, Striker & Dummy Detonator.

Based Dated For 1945

Price £SOLD



RG42 Training Grenades

Polish Training Grenades Painted Green

Working Spring Levers.

Price £45 Each






Two Replica No69 Grenades

Here Are Two Ex Re-enactor Grenades

Both With Removable Caps

Only £40 The Two






WW2 US Fragmentation MkII Grenade

A Genuine WW2 'Pineapple' Grenade By American Firework Co.

C/W Inert Fuze Head

Price £225







British L3A2 Practice Grenade

A Clean Example With L30A2 Marked Lever.

Price £SOLD






Replica German Stick Smoke Grenade

A Very Good Copy Of The WW2 NB HGR-39 Grenade

Made Of Metal & Wood.

Nicely Aged Finish & Looks Very Authentic

Price £SOLD






WW1 Mills No5 Relic Bodies

Here Are A Couple Of Bodies From No5 Grenades

Genuine Battlefield Finds With No Fittings

Ideal Paperweights !

Price £60 Each






Mills Number 36M Rifle Grenade

A WW2 Mills 36M By T Adshead & Son With Matching Base Dated 1940

Fitted With Gas Check Plate To Fire From Cup Discharger

Kendrick Lever & C/W Internal Tube, Striker & Spring.

Nice 'Sleepy' Condition

Price £225



WW1 German 1915 Oyster Grenade

A Good Example Of This Unusual Discus Type Grenade

Price £135






British Semi Relic Mills Number 5 Grenades

Here Are A Few WW1 No5 Grenades With Strikers & Levers.

No Inner Tubes. Brass Base Plugs With Various Markings:

A. Dated May 1916. Edward Bros. Birmingham. SOLD

B. Dated July 1916. Munitions & Light Castings.

C. Dated May 1916. Perfecta Seamless Steel & Conduit Co. SOLD

All Priced At £99 Each






WW1 British Number 34 MkII Grenade

A Very Clean ( Refurbished ) No 34 Grenade

Dated 1917. C/W Inert Fuze

Price £175






WW2 Mills 36M Mk1 Grenade

A Very Good All Original Mills 36

Base Dated 1944 By Vadis.

Price £SOLD






Replica Mills Grenade Rifle Burn Cup

A Copy Of The Burn Cup Used To Fire Mills 36 Grenades From The SMLE Rifle

Made Of Resin With Metal Fittings This Is Not Capable Of Firing A Grenade.

Made For Display Only. Used Look Finish.

Price £59



Mills 36 M Mk1 Grenade

A WW2 Dated Grenade Body By Kendrick With Inner Tube Dated For 1945

C/W Spring & Striker.  Base By J S Stokes Dated 43.  Ring Pull Has Some Corrosion.

Otherwise Good Original Finish. 

Price £159



40 X 53 Practice Rifle Grenades

 40 X 53 Grenades For M79 Or M203 Launchers

Price Only £75 For All Three






US M67 Type Practice Grenade

A Cast Metal Body Practice Grenade With Dummy Fuze Head

Price £60






Russian RG42 Grenade

A WW2 Refurbished RG42.

Price £SOLD






WW2 Japanese Type 91 Grenade

A Repainted Japanese Grenade With Some Holes Drilled In Body.

Scarce Item

Price £SOLD






Korean Made 'Practice' Pineapple Grenade

A One Piece Cast Metal Dummy Grenade

Possibly a Throwing Practice Grenade ?

Ideal Paperweight.

Price £39






Belt Of Inert 40 X 53 Grenades

A Metal Link Belt Of Nine 40mm Grenades

Some Scratches. Most Dated 68/69.

Price £270 The Lot






Box Of 4 Belgian M73 Drill Grenades

A Complete Box Of 4 M73 Drill Grenades With Cardboard Tubes

Contained In An M72 Box

Price £320 The Set.



Polish F1 N60 Rifle Grenade

A Good Condition Practice Rifle Grenade

Marked SZK On top & 118  60CH On Tube.

This System Only Used For A Short Time

Price £120



WW1 German M17 Egg Grenade

A Red Painted Egg Grenade With Transit Plug

Base Marked SBF

Price £SOLD







WW2 German Flare Gun Grenade

An M39 Type Egg Grenade On A Stick Fired From A Flare Pistol

This Example Is The Rare Wood Stick Version. These Were Also Made From Bakelite.

It Has Been Repainted Black On The Metal Parts.

Price £250






WW1 Petard Grenade

An Original Improvised Hand Grenade Used In The Early Years Of WW1

It Has Been Made Inert & Renovated With The Metal Repainted Grey.

Price £85






M93BG Rifle Grenade Set

A Set Of 3 Telescopic Rifle Grenades & Transit Tubes

Each Grenade Extends With It's Own Pop Up Sight.

The Grenade Is Fired From The Muzzle Of The FN FNC Rifle

Some Clips Broken & Missing From Tubes Otherwise All Very Good Condition

Price £125 The Set.



WW2 Mills 36M Training Grenade

A Typical Mills Grenade With Holes In Body To Show It Is Not Armed

Traces Of White Paint Under Dark Blue

Base Dated 1944 By Vadis. Dismantles Easily.

Price £159



WW1 British Number 20 Mk2 Rifle Grenade

A Refurbished / Repainted Rifle Grenade

Approx 17.5" Long Overall.

Price £225






WW2 US Fragmentation MkII Grenade

The Famous 'Pineapple' Grenade

Original WW2 Issue With Inert Fuze Head. 

Price £230



Austrian HG78 Practice Grenade

A Rubber Body Grenade With Blue Fuze Head

Price £145






WW1 British Battye Grenades

Two Battye Grenades As Used In The Early Part Of WW1.

Dummy Fuzes In Both With Wood Plugs.

Slightly Different Castings A & B.

Price £55 Each






French WW1 Period F1 Grenade

A Typical F1 Grenade With 1935 Model Fuze Head & Lever.

Price £SOLD






Yugo M35 Defensive Grenade

Another Good Example Of The External Segmented Defensive Yugoslav Grenade

As Used In WW2

Price £120






German DM28 Practice Rifle Grenade

A Good Condition Rubber Head Rifle Grenade

42cm Long Approx.

Price £79






WW2 Mills 36 Grenade

A Nice 'Sleepy' Grenade By Qualcast

Base Dated 1940 By Wolverhampton Die Casting

C/W Inner Tube, Striker & Spring.

Price £SOLD



Replica Northover Projector Drill Round

A Wooden Copy Of The WW2 Home Guard Weapon.

Sometimes Called The Albright & Wilson (AW) Bomb Or No76 Projectile

These Were Developed In 1941 As A Counter Invasion Weapon

Originals Are Very Rare.

Price £65






Hungarian AMP-69 Rifle Grenade

A HEAT Type Anti Tank Rifle Grenade

Fired From The AK Type AMP-69 Launcher / Rifle

Price £75






Reproduction Viet Cong Fragmentation Grenade

A Wood & Resin Copy Of The VC Grenade

Price £19






Yugo M35 Offensive Grenade

A Rare Lightweight Sheet Metal Body Grenade

Used For Offensive Operations For The Blast Effect & Less Shrapnel.

Price £190






WW1 French F1 Grenade

A Typical Semi Relic Grenade

C/W Brass Fuze Cover.

Price £75






Practice Energia Rifle Grenade

A Black Practice Grenade Dated For 1954

This Would Have Been Fired From The Number 4 Rifle.

Dent On Head. Hence Price Only £49






Hungarian M42 Practice Grenade

A Short Wooden Stick Grenade With Metal Head.

Used For Throwing Practice.

This One Has Some Dents On The Head.

( Looks Like It Was Used As A Hammer) !

Hence Price Only £30






German WW2 Practice Stick Grenade

A Wooden Shafted Grenade With Steel Head

Used For Throwing Practice.

This One In Excellent Condition

Price £SOLD






40mm X 53 Practice Grenade

A Good Condition Fired Aluminium Head Round

Price £35






British L28A1 Practice Grenade

A Good Condition ( Repainted ) Practice Grenade

Price £SOLD






L86A1 Practice Rifle Grenade

A Very Good Condition Practice Grenade

As Currently Used By The British Army

Price £65






WW2 M21A1 Signal Parachute Rifle Grenade

An October 1944 Dated Inert Amber Signal Grenade With Parachute Inside.

C/W Original 1944 Dated Transit Tube

Price £SOLD




US M26 Practice Grenade

A Cast Repainted Metal Grenade

C/W Spring Loaded Inert Fuze Head

Price £79






Practice US M67 Grenade

A Repainted Hollow Metal Grenade

Used For Throwing Practice. C/W Inert Fuze Head.

Price £69






Practice US M11A3 Rifle Grenade

An Original Practice Anti Tank Rifle Grenade

Tail Fin Will Move Up & Down Shaft & Head Unscrews

Price £135






Belgian LACR Inert Rifle Grenade.

A Lightweight Practice Rifle Grenade

25cm Long Overall, Body 50mm Diameter.

Will Dismantle As Shown.

Price £49






WW1 French Ball Grenade

A 1914 Ball Grenade In Good Condition

Price £75






WW1 French VB Grenade

A Good Example Of A Vivien & Bessieres Rifle Grenade

These Were Fired From A 'Cup' Launcher & The Live Round Passed Through The Middle To Start The Fuze

Also Used By The US Army In Europe

Price £SOLD



WW1 Mills No5 Relic Grenade

A Battlefield Find Mills No5 Without Inner Tube

& Empty Of Explosive

Lever & Striker Still Held By Corrosion.

A 'Haunting'Relic From The Trenches.

Price £75



British WW1 No15 Cricket Ball Grenade

A Very Good Cricket Ball Grenade With Removable Cap.

Price £110






German 1913 Pattern Kugel Grenade

A Segmented Kugel Grenade In Good Condition 

C/W Inert Fuze

Price £120






WW1 German 1915 Pattern Kugel Grenade

A Very Good Condition Kugel Grenade With Wooden Bead Pull Fuze Head

Price £110






Belgian Practice M50 Rifle Grenade

A Fragmentation Grenade With Rifle Firing Adaptor Tube

C/W 'Allways' Fuze Head

Good Example.

Price £99






Polish F1 Practice Grenade

A Green Painted F1 Practice Grenade With Hole In Base.

Price £39






French 40-56 Practice Rifle Grenade

A Very Good Practice Example Of This Dual Purpose AP/AT Grenade

Price £79



Practice Energa Marker Grenade

An Anti Tank Rifle Grenade With Yellow Chalk Marker Head.

Rubber Covered Body. Minor Damage To Plastic Fin

Price £99






Replica British Number 69 Grenades

A Very Good Copy Of The 'Plastic' WW2 Grenade

These Will Dismantle. Price £59 Each.



Replica British Number 69 Cutaway Grenades

A Well Detailed Cutaway Display Grenade

Price £59 Each



Deluxe Replica Mills 36 Grenades

These Resin Grenades Have A 'Working' Mechanism & Are Great For Display

Available With Plain Metal Finish Or Green Lacquer & 'Armed' Paint Finish

Price £59 Each.



Refurbished Mills No23 Rifle Grenades

Here Are Two Refurbished Repainted WW1 Mills Rifle Grenades.

A. No23 Mk1 With Heavy Duty Lever. Striker & Spring. Base Unscrews. Price £SOLD

B. No23 MkIII Body Marked TRL. ( Unidentified Maker ). Base Will Not Unscrew. Price £139



WW2 German Mod 40 Anti Tank Rifle Grenade

A Refurbished Gewehrpanzergranate Anti Tank HEAT Rifle Grenade

Repainted To Look Like New.

Price £100






Replica Mills 36 Cut Away Grenade

A Very Good Quality Replica Mills Grenade With A Quarter Cut Away

Used To Show The Mechanism

C/W Dummy Fuze

 Made Of Resin With Metal Parts. This Will Not Dismantle.

Now With Shellac & Armed Paint Finish

Price £59 



WW1 German Practice Stick Grenade

An M1916 German Practice Stick Grenade In Very Good Condition.

Holes In Head For Smoke Spotting Charge

Price £SOLD



Russian UPG8 Training Grenade

A Cold War Era Anti Tank Training Grenade

Made Of Metal. It Replicated The RKG-3 Live Grenade

Very Good Condition. Price £195







Polish RPG43 Training Grenade

An Excellent Example Of a RPG43 Anti Tank Grenade

Marked For Training In Polish

Price £175



Practice Energia Rifle Grenade

An Original Black Painted Practice Rifle Grenade

Well Used Condition

Price £55






WW1 French F1 Grenade On Stand

A Crude Body F1 Grenade Circa 1916 With Dummy Fuze Head 

Mounted On Wooden Stand

Price £75






Yugoslavian M38 Defensive Grenade

A Smooth Surface Grenade Segmented Internally.

Price £110






British L111 Practice Grenade

A Swiss Made Practice Grenade Used For Training.

C/W Safety Clip

Small Quantity Available. Price £59 Each.






Replica M67 Grenade

A Cast Metal Copy Of The US Grenade.

All Solid Metal With Removable Lever

Price £49






Replica Stun Grenade

A Larger Type 7" Tall Plastic Body Grenade With Spring Loaded Lever

As Used By SAS Etc.

Totally Inert.

Price £49






WW1 German Inkpot Grenade

A Rifle Type Grenade Circa 1917

Very Sound Semi Relic Condition.

Price £80






Replica Mills Number 5 Grenade

A Top Quality Replica Of The WW1 British Grenade.

Made Of Heavy Resin With A Metallic Aged Finish. Steel Lever, Pin & Ring.

Note It Will Not Dismantle But Great For Display

Price Only £39






Mills 36 Practice Grenade

A Mills 36 Used As A Practice Grenade With Some Small Holes Drilled In The Case.

Traces Of Original White Paint Finish.

This Was Made By Callenders & Abbots Of Glasgow.

Lever Made By Kendrik

C/W Internal Tube, Spring & Striker.

Price £159



 Replica Number 23 Mills Grenade.

A Very Good Quality Copy Of The WW1 Mills Grenade With Rifle Rod Base

Made Of Heavy Resin With Metal Lever, Pin & Ring.

Note This Will Not Dismantle.

Great For A WW1 Display

Price Only £39






L8A1 40mm Rifle Grenade

An Inert  Practice Grenade With Paint Filled Head

Fired From A Variety Of Hand Held Launcher Systems

Price £30






WW1 M17 German Egg Grenade

Here Is A Genuine WW1 German Egg Grenade & Inert Fuze.

Good Condition.

Price £55






WW2 Mills 36M Grenade

This Example By Josiah Parkes & Sons

Body & Matching Lever.

Base Is Dated 1943 By T Adshead & Sons.

C/W Internal Tube, Spring & Striker.

Price £SOLD





Rare Original WW2 German Smoke Stick Grenade.

A Semi Relic Original Smoke Grenade With Clear 1941 Date On Wood.

Head Unscrews & Has A Few Minor Rust Holes.

Still A Good Display Item & Hard To Find Now

Price £SOLD



Replica WW1 British No34 MkIII Grenades

Very Good Quality Heavy Steel Bodies With Brass Fittings

A Very Affordable Copy Of A Rare Grenade

Unlike Some Versions It Will Also Disassemble As Shown







WW2 British Home Guard Mills 36 Training Grenade.

An Original Training Grenade With Traces Of White Paint

Body By John Pilling & Sons With Distinctive Swept Front Top Lugs

(These Bodies Favoured For Training As Lugs Are Stronger).

Base Plug By Patent Diecasting Co. Dated For 1940.

C/W Internal Tube, Spring & Striker.

Price £165



Bargain Bundle Of Replica Grenades

Three Replica Grenades 

M24 German Stick Grenade Made Of Wood.

M1914 Turkish Grenade Made Of Heavy Cast Resin.

Mills 36M Grenade Made of Cast Resin

Price £50 For The Lot






WW1 German Stick Grenade

A 1916 Pattern Stick Grenade Relic.

The Head Is Original. The Top Is Missing. Wood Is A Modern Replacement.

 The Base Cap Is Just The Outer & Does Not Have A Metal Thread.

Price £80


Replica Mills 36M Grenade

A Solid Resin Body Copy Of A 1970 Mills Grenade

 Pin & Ring Are Metal.

Very Well Detailed. Price £18






L56A1 Chorley Grenades

Rubber Practice Grenades In Excellent Condition

Few Only 

Price £49 Each



WW1 German Practice Stick Grenade

A First World War Semi Relic Practice Stick Grenade

The Wooden Handle Looks Like A Replacement.

Price £120






WW1 German Rifle Grenade

A Semi Relic M1913 Rifle Grenade With A Very Good Brass Fuse Head

Price £119






Finnish M55 Practice Grenade

A Rare Grenade Painted Yellow

Price £95






Danish & Russian Hand Grenades

A. Here Is A Very Good Danish M23 'Handbombe' Price £185


B. Original Russian RG42 WW2 Grenade. In Very Good Condition. Price £SOLD






WW1 Austrian Grenades

Both Very Good. Hard To Find In This Condition.

Heavy 'Schwer' Grenade With Fuse Cover. Price £SOLD

Zeitzunder Mk1 With Belt Hook. Price £145






WW1 Discus Grenades

A. German 1915 Large Model. 1 Screw Missing. Very Good Body. Price £125

B. Italian M14 Discus Grenade. Semi Relic. Rare. Price £SOLD






WW1 German Rifle Grenades.

Two Good Examples Of Model 1913 Rifle Grenades With Fuse Heads. Price £145 Each

Very Good Model 1914 With More Pointed Shape. Price £SOLD






Wooden Practice Grenades

Top. Norwegian With White Rings. Metal Surround Head. Price £65

Bottom. Hungarian Anti Tank. All Green. Price £40






Russian F1 Practice Grenades

Red Painted F1 Grenade Bodies With Plugs

£18 Each






British L56A1 Practice Grenade Bodies

Rubber Body 'Chorley' Grenade Bodies

In Hard To Find Very Good Condition.

Price £29 Each Or 4 For £100






WW1 German Stick Grenade Relic.

A German 1915 Model Grenade Relic With Repainted Head

Stick Looks Like A Very Old Replacement ?

Price £69






Replica WW1 Turkish 1914 Grenade

These Are Heavy Resin Copies Of The Rare 1914 No2 Grenade Used At Gallipoli

Available In Black Or Gunmetal Finish.

Price £29 Each Or Two For £50






WW1 Austrian Rohr Hand Grenades

Rare To Find These With Cardboard Tubes & Instructions.

Steel Heads With Belt Clips. 

A. With Fragments Of Original Paper Insert & Ring Pull. Price £SOLD

B. Empty Tube With Part Of Belt Clip Missing. Price £SOLD



WW2 Russian RGD-33 Hand Grenades

A Few Of The Pressed Steel Grenades With Sprung Loaded Grip Available.

All Complete With Inert Pencil Fuse That Inserts Into Head & Removable Fragmentation Collar.

Some Rusty Parts But All Will Dry Function To Show How They Were Used.

A. Has Collar Lock Rotted So Price £99

B. Has Rust On Safety Catch & Slight Dent On Stick. Price £SOLD

C. Has Rust On Safety Catch. Price £SOLD




Hungarian M42 Practice Grenades

Wood Stick With Metal Surround On Head.

Used For Throwing Practice. All VGC.

Price £25 Each






JPS Mills 36 Practice Grenade

This Has The Distinctive Reinforced Top Lugs Only Made By

John Pilling & Son Ltd. Colne, Lancashire.

These Were Used As Practice Throwing Grenades.

Good Condition With Internal Tube, Striker & Spring.

Price £159






Russian RPG - 43 Grenade Handle

A Rare Handle To Fit The RPG 43 H.E.A.T. Grenade

These Are Sprung Loaded And Push The Cylindrical Head Out When In Use

A Cloth Stabilizer Supports The Head As It Is Thrown Onto Tanks

Price £75






WW1 German Stick Grenade Relic

A Relic M1915 Grenade Head With Later Wooden Stick.

Head Is Rusted All Over. Price £79







Eastern Bloc F1 Practice Grenades

I Have A Few Of These In Very Good Condition.

Black Or Green Painted Finish.

Great Desk Ornaments. Only £39 Each








*First World War German Rifle Grenade Relic

An M1914 German Rifle Grenade As Found On The Somme.

No Fuse Head & Completely Inert.

Ideal Museum Display Item. Price £SOLD






Danish M54 Practice Grenades

C/W Fly Off Clips. Heavy Metal Construction.

Price £39 Each







 WW2 Hungarian M42 Practice Grenades

Inert Wooden Stick Grenades With Metal Case Head.

Price £39 Each








Replica WW2 German Stick Grenades.

Made Of Wood With Painted Top & End. Ideal For Props Or Display.

Price £18 Each







 Inert US Pineapple Practice Grenades.

Hollow Cast Iron. Marked 'Korea'

Price £49 Each







Inert Practice Mills 36 Grenade

Original White Paint Finish. Small Holes In Body.

C/W Internal Tube, Spring, Striker. - Price £135







Inert Grenades Wanted. Please Send Pictures & Prices Of Any That You Would Like To Sell.