No Licence Required. Only EU / GB 2018/337 Certificated Deactivated Weapons Available At This Time.

These can only be sent inside the U.K. Mainland

Please ask for more pictures if you are interested in purchasing any model.


Some Deactivated Guns On This Page Are Marked 'Suspended From Sale' Owing To EU Specification Changing.

We Are Waiting To Have These Re-Deactivated To Current Specification.

All Others That Are Priced Can Be Purchased Now. 

Deactivated Law 66 Rocket Launcher

A 66mm Telescopic Action Rocket Launcher In Good Condition.

Old Deactivation Still Legal For UK Sale As No Later Specifications For Launchers.

Price £225



Deactivated Russian Mosin Nagant 1891/30 Rifle

A 1939 Dated Russian Izhevsk Made Mosin Nagant 1891/30 Rifle

This Looks Like It Has Seen Plenty Of Use.

It Has Recently Been Re-deactivated To The Current Specification

It Will Not Dry Fire.

Price £375



Deactivated Yugo K98 Mauser Rifle

An Exact Copy Of The German K98 7.92cal WW2 Rifle

This One Has A Waffenamt Marked Sight.

Deactivated 2020. It Does Not Dry Fire.

C/W Reproduction Sling

Price £475



Deactivated Egyptian AKM Rifle

A Well Worn AKM With Laminated Wood Stock.

Deactivated To Current EU Specification With Non Moving Bolt.

C/W Sling

Price £SOLD



Deactivated Galil Assault Rifle

An Israeli Made Selective Fire Rifle With Folding Stock.

Deactivated To Latest EU Specification. Non Moving Bolt.

Price £425



Deactivated Carl Gustav G96 Rifles

Choice Of Two 2021 Deactivated Bolt Action Swedish Rifles

One Dated 1909 & The Other 1915

Both Have Moving Bolts But Will Not Dry Fire.

Price £595 Each


Deactivated BSA SMLE .303 Rifle

A Recently Re-Deactivated ( July 2021 ) SMLE WW2 Rifle

Dated 1939. Woodwork Looks To Have Been Replaced.

Bolt & Trigger Move But Will Not Dry Fire. Magazine Removes.

C/W Sling.

Price £SOLD





Deactivated Eastern Bloc AKM Assault Rifle

 Deactivated In Feb 2019

Romanian AKM With Dummy Moving Bolt & Cocking Lever.

Removeable Magazine Without Slot

Obviously Had Plenty Of Use So Many Knocks & Scrapes.

Price £SOLD




British Magazines

SA80 A2 Good Condition £14 Each

L1A1 SLR Typical 1970's/80's Dated £30 Each

Bren .303 Wartime £ SOLD OUT






Deactivated WW2 German K98 Rifle

A Mauser Made K98 Dated For 1944

Laminated Wood Stock.

2019 Deactivation With Moving Bolt & Trigger.

It Will Not Dry Fire.

Price £SOLD



Deactivated WW1 SMLE MkIII* .303 Rifle

A 2020 Deactivation With Moving Bolt & Trigger & Removable Magazine.

Not Dry Firing.

Made By Standard Small Arms In 1917

Price £SOLD



Deactivated WW2 Lee Enfield Number 4 Rifle

A 2020 Dated Deactivation With Moving Bolt & Trigger.

It Will Not Dry Fire.

Dated 1942 With Navy Mark. Ladder Rear Sight.

Price £SOLD



Deactivated .30 Cal M1 Carbine

2020 Deactivation. Moving Cocking Lever & Trigger.

Magazine Removes.

Barrel Marked 'Underwood'. Muzzle Has some Minor Damage.

Price £SOLD




Deactivated Russian SKS 7.62 Rifle

A Typical Example With Folding Bayonet.

2020 Deactivation. Moving Cocking Lever & Opening Magazine & Moving Trigger.

Price £SOLD



Deactivated Jager AP74 .22 Rifle

A Copy Of The Colt M16. 

2020 Deactivation. Cocking Lever Moves. It Will Not Dry Fire.

Price £SOLD



Deactivated WW2 US M1 Carbine

A May 2019 Deactivated M1 Carbine By Inland.

This Was Part Of General Motors

Good Example With Moving Cocking Lever & Removable Magazine

C/W Reproduction Sling

Price £SOLD



Heckler & Koch AR15 /  SA80 Magazines

I Have A Few Of These H&K Magazines Available 

Price £40 Each

One Blank Firing Only Mag. ( Yellow ) Price £50






Deactivated WW2 Italian  7.35 M38 Carcano Carbine

A 1939 Terni Arsenal Marked Example

It Will Cock & Dry Fire. Deactivated To EU/GB Spec.

Suspended From Sale



Deactivated Type 56 SKS 7.62 X 39 Rifle

A Chinese Self Loading Rifle Extensively Used By The PLA In Vietnam

 Bolt Will Not Move.

Trigger Moves, Magazine Opens & Bayonet Folds.

C/W Cleaning Rod.

Suspended From Sale



Deactivated Long Lee Converted .303 Rifle

Dated For 1904 This Rifle Has Had the Barrel Shortened To 23"

C/W Magazine Cut Off.

Crack In Woodwork & Volley Sights Removed.

 It Will Cock & Dry Fire.

Suspended From Sale



Deactivated Spanish Oviedo 1898 Mauser Rifle

As Used In The Spanish -American War

Good Condition. It Will Dry Fire Nicely.

Suspended From Sale




Deactivated Lee Enfield Skeleton Instruction Rifle

These 'Cut Away' Rifles Were Made To Show The Working Of The Lee Enfield.

EU/GB Spec. Deactivation. 

Price £SOLD



Deactivated Martini Enfield .303 Rifle

An 1899 ? Conversion Mk II . First Class.

WD Marked Lever. 29" Barrel. Note Small Repair On Rear Sight.

Suspended From Sale




Deactivated Steyr Model 1896 Carbine

These Were Made In Few Numbers For The Dutch Military.

This One Has A Few Cracks In The Woodwork & Some Pitting Around The Muzzle.

Suspended From Sale






Deactivated Chinese Mauser Rifle

A Typical Chinese Made Version Of the M1924 Mauser

Known As The Chiang Kai-shek & Then Later Zhongzheng

These Were Used In The Civil War & Korea & Stayed In Service Up To The 1980s.

This One Has Had Replaced Top Forend Wood.

Cock & Dry Fires.

Suspended From Sale






Deactivated SMLE .303 Rifle

An Indian Made Lee Enfield. In Good Used Condition.

C/W Sling. It Will Cock & Dry Fire. Bolt & Magazine Will Remove.

Suspended From Sale






Deactivated Chinese SKS Self Loading Rifle.

This One Has Had A Hard Life !

Known At The Type 56 This Was Copied From The Soviet Design From WW2.

It Was The Main Rifle For The PLA & Was Also Used By Vietnamese Forces

Woodwork Has Lots Of Dents & Marks. Blued Finish Is Worn. C/W Folding Spike Bayonet.

Suspended From Sale






Deactivated WW2 Italian 1942 Carcano Rifle

6.5mm Cal. 

Suspended From Sale







Deactivated Lee Enfield No 7 .22 Rifle

This Was Made By Longbranch In Canada As A Training Rifle In 1946.

It Has Been Fitted With A Custom Stock & Target Sights. All Round Very Good Condition.

A Rare Rifle To Find As A Deact. This Is One For The Serious LE Collector.

Suspended From Sale





Deactivated Number 4 Mk1* Lee Enfield Rifle

This Is A WW2 Manufactured Rifle Made By Savage In The USA.

Sent To Britain As Part Of Lend Lease.

It Has A Ladder Rear Sight & The Woodwork Has Been Replaced At Some Time.

A Very Clean Example & Ideal For Re-Enactment

Suspended From Sale




Deactivated SMLE Jungle Carbine Conversion

A 1967 Dated Indian RFI Rifle Professionally Converted To A Jungle Carbine.

C/W Flash Hider & Bayonet Lug. Approx 40" Overall

Suspended From Sale




Deactivated WW1 SMLE MkIII Rifle

A 1916 Dated Enfield / BSA .303 Rifle

New EU / GB Deactivation That Will Dry Fire & Magazine Will Remove.

Price £SOLD


 Deactivated WW2 No4 Lee Enfield Rifle

Dated 1942. A Very Good Example.

New EU / GB Deactivation. Will Dry Fire & Magazine Will Remove.

Price £SOLD






Deactivated WW1 SMLE Rifle. EU Spec.

A 1918 SMLE MkIII* .303 Rifle

New EU Spec. Deactivation With Certificate.

Will Cock & Dry Fire. Magazine Will Remove.

Price £SOLD



 Deactivated Rifles Wanted To Purchase. Must Have Post June 2018 Certificates.