No Licence Required. Only EU 2018/337 Certificated Deactivated Weapons Available To Purchase Now.

These can only be sent inside the U.K. Mainland.

Please ask for more pictures if you are interested in purchasing any model.

All Prices Plus Delivery If You Are Not Collecting From My Shop.

Some Deactivated Guns On This Page Are Marked 'Suspended From Sale' owing to EU specification changing. 

We Are Waiting To Have These Re-Deactivated To Current Specification.

All Others That Are Priced Can Be Purchased Now. 

Deactivated Webley MkIV .38 Revolver

A 2020 Deactivated 4" Barrel Webley MkIV With Open Chambers

Non Cocking Action. Good Overall.

Price £475



Deactivated Remington 1858 Type Black Powder Revolver

A Copy Of The Western Classic Remington Revolver

13.5" Long Overall With 8" Barrel.

2021 Deactivation.

Cylinder Rotates & Hammer Moves But Does Not Dry Fire

Nicely Aged Look Without The High Price Tag

Only £295



Deactivated Black Powder Colt 1862 Police Revolver

A 2021 Deactivated Copy Of The Small Framed Colt .36 cal Revolver

Cylinder Rotates & Hammer Moves But Does Not Dry Fire.

Some Discolouration To Blueing On One Side.

11.75" Long Overall With 6.5" Barrel

Price £295 Reserved



Deactivated British Molins Mk2 No5 Flare Pistol

This Was A Standard WW2 Flare Pistol Used By RAF Pilots & Some Armoured Vehicles

Also Known As A Berridge Pistol.

It Was Probably Refurbished By Enfield Post War.

It Has 3 Inert Cartridges & A Tin Included.

One Cartridge Cut To Fit Around Deactivation Bar In Barrel.

This Is A 2011 UK Deactivation Certificate & Will Dry Fire.

This Is Still Legal To Sell In The UK.

Price £SOLD



Deactivated Hopkins & Allen .38 Revolver

A 2020 Deactivated Hopkins & Allen 5 Shot Top Break Revolver.

Non Dry Firing Action. Folding Hammer Spur.

Nickel Plated With Hard Rubber Grips. 5.5" Barrel.

Price £295



Deactivated WW1 German Hebel Flare Pistol

A 27mm Flare Gun Deactivated To UK Standard & Still Legal To Sell As There Is No EU Spec For Flare Guns.

Good Overall Condition. Hammer Spring Is Weak .

Price £270



Deactivated Webley Mk4  .38 Converted Revolver

An Official Webley Converted Mk4 Revolver With 3" Barrel.

This Is A Wartime Made Revolver That Was Shortened  Probably For Police Use.

It Has The Latest EU Deactivation Spec. ( Feb 2019 Dated Certificate )

It Will Not Cock & Dry Fire But Action Opens

Price Only £SOLD



Deactivated Black Powder Colt 1851 Model Revolver

A Nicely Aged Brass Framed Copy Of A Colt 1851 Percussion Revolver

Suspended From Sale






Deactivated EU/GB Enfield  MkVI .455 Revolver

A Massive 1925 Dated Enfield Revolver. 

It Cocks & Dry Fires Nicely.

Price £SOLD



Deactivated Webley Mk IV Type Revolver

A Copy Of A 4" Barrel Webley Mark IV .38 Revolver

This Is A Crudely Made Foreign Copy. Note The Misspelt 'Birmingham'.

It Has A 'Sticky' Revolver Action But Will Still Dry Fire In Single & Double Action

If The Cylinder Is Moved By Hand.

C/W Lanyard.

Suspended From Sale





 Deactivated  Webley MkIV Police Revolver

A .38 Short Barrel Revolver Stamped H.K.P ( Hong King Police )

 It Will Not Cock.

Suspended From Sale






Deactivated EU/GB Spec Rast & Gasser 1898 Model Revolver

This Is A Good Example Of The Austro Hungarian Officers 8mm Revolver

Dates Between 1898 & 1918. Approx 200,000 Made

It Will Cock & Dry Fire.  Price £SOLD



 Deactivated German Signal Pistol.

Made by JGA. Imperial Marked.

Very Good Quality & In Excellent Used Condition.

C/W Leather Holster ( Converted To US M1910 Belt Fitting ).

Note. This Pistol Has A UK Deactivation Certificate & Is Still Valid Under New UK Law.

Price £SOLD






Deactivated Uberti 1858 New Army Revolver

A Well Deactivated Copy Of The Remington Percussion Pistol

Proof House Deactivation Stamps For 1996. 

Suspended From Sale




Deactivated Belgian .38 cal.Revolver

A Small Frame Break Action Revolver

Similar To Smith & Wesson Design. This Is Double Action Only.

One Grip Damaged 

Suspended From Sale







Deactivated Enfield .38 Cal. Revolvers

Similar To The Webley Service Revolver 

( Tanker Version Without Hammer Spur SOLD )

One Standard Army Issue Available

Suspended From Sale






Deactivated Webley Mk V .455 Service Revolver

A Superb Example Of A Rare 6 Inch Barrel Mk V Webley .455 cal Revolver

These Were Only Made Between 1913 & 1915. This One Is Dated 1915 & Comes Complete With The Same Date Holster.

It Has A Clear Barrel & The Cylinder Has A Ring Insert. This Is A Museum Quality Item & Should Be Saved From Any Further Deactivation.

Price £SOLD






Deactivated Enfield No2 Mk1 Service Revolver.

.38cal. Dated 1933. This Has A Slightly Modified Grip & The Release Catch Spring Is Not Working.

Hence Price Only £SOLD






Deactivated Mosin Nagant WW2 Russian Revolver

A Really Nice Finish On This One !

Dated 1941 & Has Good Wooden Grips. Very Crisp Action

Price £SOLD







Relic WW1 German Signal Pistol

Mounted On An Oak Board. Suitable for Museum Display.

No Certificate Required For This.

Price £SOLD






Deactivated Rast & Gasser M1898 Revolver.

A Really Good Example Of This Interesting 8mm 8 Shot Revolver Made For The Austrian Military.

Dated 1915. These Were Used Up To The End Of WW2. It Will Field Strip Very Easily.

Price £SOLD






Deactivated Rossi .32 Cal Revolver

A 6 Shot Small Frame Revolver In Very Good Condition.

C/W Walnut Grips & Hip Holster. Price £SOLD








 Deactivated WW2 .38 Smith & Wesson Victory Revolver.

Well Used Condition. Marking Date To 1942/3. 

Suspended From Sale






Deactivated Smith & Wesson .38 Revolver

4 Inch Barrel. Cut Down Rounds In Cylinder. Some Minor Scratches But Overall Good.

Price £SOLD






Deactivated Rohm Ranchman .32 Cal. Revolver

A Very High Quality Revolver With A Large Frame.

Superb Condition. 

Suspended From Sale






 Deactivated Smith & Wesson .38 'Victory' Revolver.

A Very Clean One. Good Grips. Current Spec. Deactivation.

Price £SOLD






 Deactivated Webley Mk4 .455cal. Revolver.

A Really Good One ! With All Matching Government Marked Parts.

Bird's Beak Grip. Dated 1904. No Rust Or Pitting.

Price £SOLD






Deactivated Enfield .38cal Service Revolver

One Of The Best Example I have Seen Recently. Dated 1935.

Price £SOLD






Deactivated Webley Mk4 Safety Revolver.

A Post War Version With Safety Catch. Superb Quality Classic Pistol.

Price £SOLD





Deactivated Revolvers Wanted To Purchase Now. Must Have Post June 2018 Certificates.