No Licence Required. Only EU 2018/337 Certificated Deactivated Weapons Available To Purchase Now.

These can only be sent inside the U.K. Mainland.

Please ask for more pictures if you are interested in purchasing any model.

Some Deactivated Guns On This Page Are Marked 'Suspended From Sale' owing to EU specification changing. 

We Are Waiting To Have These Re-Deactivated To Current Specification.

All Others That Are Priced Can Be Purchased Now. 


Luger P08 Magazine

A 9mm Luger Magazine Without Markings.

Probably WW1 Period With Wooden Base.

Price £120






Colt 1911 Automatic Pistol Magazines.

Post War Unbranded Magazines For .45 Auto

Price £39 Each






WW2 Nazi P38 Magazine

A Erste Nordbohmische Metallwarenfabrik Made Magazine

Code Marked jvd & Waffenamt WA706 Stamped On Spine.

This Dates It To 1942-45.

Good Condition

Price £125






 EU/GB Spec. Deactivated FN Browning Model 1910 Pistol.

A Very Nice Clean Example Of This Classic Pistol

It Will Cock & Dry Fire.

One Of The Earlier Versions Of This Pistol Reputed To Have Started WW1

After It Was Used To Assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand

Suspended From Sale






 EU/GB Spec. Deactivated Star BKM 9mm Automatic Pistol

C/W Original Box, Belt Holster & Paperwork.

Very Good Condition. 

Suspended From Sale







  EU/GB Spec. Deactivated Nazi Marked CZ27 7.65cal Pistol

Captured & Used By German Forces In WW2.

Good Condition. Great Value For A WW2 German Used Pistol.  

Suspended From Sale







 EU / GB Spec. Deactivated Sauer 38H Automatic Pistol

A Nazi Marked 7.62 Compact Pistol. Issued To Police.

Only Made 1938-45. This One Has Painted Metal Grips.

Very Good Condition. It Will Cock & Dry Fire & Magazine Will Remove.

Suspended From Sale







Post June 2018 EU / GB Spec. Deactivated Guns Wanted To Purchase.