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Antique Enfield 1853 Model Percussion Rifle

A Tower Marked .577cal. Enfield Dated 1857

It Has Had Some Renovation Work Over The Years

Still A Good Affordable Display Rifle

Price £650 Reserved




Antique Dragoon 1831/40 Pattern Percussion Pistol

A European Made Percussion Pistol. 16.5" Overall 

This Pistol Has A Fitting For A Shoulder Stock.

Could Be Norwegian Or Austrian ?

Hammer Dog Catch Missing. Damage To Wood Around Brass Buttplate.

Price £495




Antique Enfield 3 Band Rifle

A Refurbished Enfield Percussion Rifle .577 Cal.

3 Band Long Stock. 52.75" O/A Length

A Good Looking Display Rifle. WD Marked Forend Cap.

Price £475




Antique Webley Bently Type Percussion Revolver

Circa Late 1850's Early 1860's 6 Shot .45 Cal. 

Some Repairs To Grips & Take Down Knob Replaced.

6.5" Barrel & 13" Overall Length Approx.

It Will Cock & Dry Fire

Price £625 Reserved



Antique Whitney .31 cal. Revolver

A Small Frame 5 Shot Percussion Revolver By E Whitney

Made From 1855-1860. Many Used In The American Civil War.

11" O/A Length With 5.75" Barrel.

Good Condition. Price £1400



Antique Percussion Lancer Pistol

Circa 1840. Refurbished Stock. 17" Long Overall.

11" Barrel. Working Action.

Price £395 Reserved



Antique Percussion 3 Band Musket

A Crude Version Of The Enfield 1850's Type Musket.

Probably Colonial Made. It Has Had A Hard Life & There Are A Number Of Repairs To The Stock.

Action Still Cocks & Fires & Makes An Interesting Wall Hanger. Approx 54" Long Overall.

Price £225



Antique Percussion 1842 Pattern Sergeants Carbine

A Crown Marked Action Carbine. Approx 45.5" Overall. With 30" Barrel.

Steelwork Pitted. Action Working.

Great Value Display Item.

Price £SOLD



Replica Baker Rifle

Not Antique But An Inert Handmade Replica Of The Famous Baker Rifle

Real Brass Fittings. 'Working' Action ( Weak Spring On Hammer ).

Approx 45.5" Long Overall.

A Good Looking Wall Hanger Or Stage Gun.

Price £399

No Licence Required.



Late 1800's Pinfire Revolver

A Belgian 7mm Pinfire Revolver With Working Single & Double Action

Front Sight Looks Like It Has Been Repaired. Drop Down Trigger Spring Not Working.

Extractor Rod May Also Be A Replacement.

Good Value At £SOLD



19th Century Tranter 5 Shot Revolver

A .44 Cal Tranter Percussion Revolver In Need Of Some Restoration

Double Action Working But Not Reliable.

Looks Like Hammer Spur Has Been Repaired & Cylinder Rod Is A Replacement.

Small Piece Of Wood Grip Missing.

Large Size 12" Overall & Barrel Is 6" Long.

Ideal Home Project. Priced At Only £SOLD



Antique .22 Blank Firing Starter Revolver

A Small Antique 6 Shot .22 Short Blank Firing Revolver

This Is Not In Working Order & Requires Restoration.

All Springs Are Weak Or Not Working Correctly

 Action Works Sometimes. 4.5" Long Overall.

Upward Venting. Ideal Project If You Have Time On Your Hands.

Price Only £SOLD

VCR Act Applies




Obsolete Calibre Antique Bulldog Revolver

A .32 Cal Bulldog Type Revolver

Faulty Trigger Return Spring & Hand Spring

Hence Price £SOLD



Obsolete Calibre Martini Enfield Carbine

An 1872 Dated Enfield Made Martini Action 577-450 Carbine

Approx 37.5" Overall With 20.5" Barrel. C/W Bayonet Lug

RIC Marked Brass Roundel Plate On Stock.

Note. Cut & Hole On Top Of Breech.

Price £SOLD



Antique Percussion Pocket Pistol

A Good Quality Screw Off Barrel Belgian Pocket Pistol .43 Cal

Good Tight Action & Barrel Removes Easily

Fine Chequered Grips & Engraved Action.

Price £SOLD



Antique Pinfire Bulldog Revolver

Probably One Of The Ugliest Revolvers Ever !

Still Very Interesting.

This Is A Five Shot 11mm Pinfire

It Has Had The Hammer Spur Repaired & The Trigger Return Spring Is Not Working

C/W 3 Dummy Rounds. O/A Length 6"

Price £SOLD



Obsolete Calibre Martini Action Carbine

A 577-450 Cal Martini Henry Type Carbine. 

Probably Captured & Converted From A Rifle. 

Some Ethnic Type Brass Decorative Plates Fitted.

O/A Length 35.5". Working Action.

Price £SOLD



Small Antique Percussion Pistol

A Pocket Or 'Muff' Type Pistol Approx 7" Long

Circa 1840 Unbranded. Some Rust Pitting.

Price Only £149



Antique Percussion Pocket Pistol

A Good Quality Pocket Pistol By Jeremiah Scudamore & Co

Birmingham Circa 1820-35

Barrel Unscrews Easily & Safety Catch Works Well.

Price £SOLD



Antique Coastguard Type Percussion Pistol

A Mid 19th Century Percussion Pistol Of Similar Style To Coastguard Type

Some Arabic Markings On Lock. Working Hammer. Percussion Nipple Damaged.

Lanyard Ring Missing. 14" Overall Length. Barrel 8" Approx.

Price £495



Antique Enfield 1853 Snider Converted Rifle

An Obsolete Calibre .577 Snider Converted Enfield 3 Band Rifle

WD Marked With Plenty Of Wear & Tear To Stock.

  Comes Direct From Afghanistan Where It Was In Use.

Price £SOLD



Gun Wall Mounts

Bullet Shaped Telescopic Wall Mounts

Ideal For Displaying Rifles & Pistols. C/W Fixing Screws

Large 85mm High Bullet Up To 45mm Deep £12 per pair

Small 40mm High Bullet Up To 40mm Deep £11 per pair







Antique Percussion Musket

A 29" Barrel Musket With Replaced Ramrod & Repaired Holders.

Overall Length 45". Working Action. Good Wall Piece

Price £SOLD

No Licence Needed.



Antique Enfield Cavalry Carbine

A Mid 19th Century Enfield Carbine. Probably Converted From A Rifle.

42" Overall. It Has A Working Action.  

Price £SOLD




Antique Percussion Enfield Type Rifle Musket

This Is A Colonial Made Musket Made To The Same Pattern As An 1859 Enfield.

Approx 48" Long Overall. It Has Some Pitting Around The Rear Sight.

Otherwise A Good Looking Wall Hanger.

Price £450 

No Licence Required To Purchase.



 Antique Percussion Sporting Musket.

Made By Jno Jones & Son. A Good Quality Gunmakers Circa 1830.

Overall 50" Long. 

Price £SOLD



 Obsolete Calibre Smith New Model Revolver

A .32 Rimfire 5 Shot Pocket Pistol. Made By Otis A Smith Circa 1883.

Some Minor Marks & Wear To Nickel Finish. Minor Chips On Base Of Grips.

Good Action& Strips Easily. Price £SOLD

No Licence Required.


 Obsolete Calibre 7mm Belgian Pinfire Revolver.

6 Shot With Folding Trigger. Medium Size Frame 7.5" Long Overall.

Good Working Action. No Licence Required. Price £SOLD


Obsolete Calibre Belgian 7mm Pinfire Revolver

Circa 1890. 6 Shot With Folding Trigger.

Good Used Condition & All Working. Approx 7.5 Inches Long O/A.

No Licence Needed. Price £SOLD