No Licence Required To Own Any Firearm Listed On This Page. You Must Be Over 18 Years Old To Purchase.

Restored Antique Percussion Rifle

A Heavily Restored Enfield Type Percussion Rifle With Replaced Action ?

Approx 53" O/A. No Cleaning Rod.

Good Display Piece

Only £SOLD




Antique Obsolete Remington Rolling Block Rifle 

A Late 1860's Type Rolling Block Rifle In .43 Spanish Cal.

Unmarked Action. Used By Many Countries Up Until WW1.

It Has A Bayonet Lug & The German Made 1866 Chasspot Bayonet Will Fit.

Rifle Price £SOLD

Bayonet Price £SOLD



Antique Pinfire Pocket Revolver

A Belgian Made Pocket Revolver. With Folding Trigger.

Pretty Engraved Action & Grips. 7.5" Overall Length.

Works On Single Action Only & Extractor Rod Does Not Move.

Price £SOLD



Antique Double Barrel 11mm Pin Fire Pistol

A Cleaned Up Semi Relic Pistol With Tip Up 4.5" Barrels.

Folding Triggers. 1 Hammer Spring Not Working Very Well.

Metal Pitted All Over. Some Parts Look To Be Remade & Grip Is Probably Not Original.

Hence Price Only £169

No Licence Needed To Purchase & Own This Pistol



Antique Percussion 1858 Enfield 3 Band Rifle

This Looks To Have Been Refurbished & Cleaned Up For Display

Working Action. Some Minor Cracks To Woodwork.

Price £SOLD



Antique Enfield 1853 Snider Converted Rifle

An Obsolete Calibre .577 Snider Converted Enfield 3 Band Rifle

WD Marked With Plenty Of Wear & Tear To Stock.

  Comes Direct From Afghanistan Where It Was In Use.

Price £SOLD



Gun Wall Mounts

Bullet Shaped Telescopic Wall Mounts

Ideal For Displaying Rifles & Pistols. C/W Fixing Screws

Large 85mm High Bullet Up To 45mm Deep £12 per pair

Small 40mm High Bullet Up To 40mm Deep £11 per pair







Antique Percussion Musket

A 29" Barrel Musket With Replaced Ramrod & Repaired Holders.

Overall Length 45". Working Action. Good Wall Piece

Price £SOLD

No Licence Needed.



Antique Enfield Cavalry Carbine

A Mid 19th Century Enfield Carbine. Probably Converted From A Rifle.

42" Overall. It Has A Working Action.  

Price £300




Antique Percussion Enfield Type Rifle Musket

This Is A Colonial Made Musket Made To The Same Pattern As An 1859 Enfield.

Approx 48" Long Overall. It Has Some Pitting Around The Rear Sight.

Otherwise A Good Looking Wall Hanger.

Price £450

No Licence Required To Purchase.



 Antique Percussion Sporting Musket.

Made By Jno Jones & Son. A Good Quality Gunmakers Circa 1830.

Overall 50" Long. 

Price £SOLD



 Obsolete Calibre Smith New Model Revolver

A .32 Rimfire 5 Shot Pocket Pistol. Made By Otis A Smith Circa 1883.

Some Minor Marks & Wear To Nickel Finish. Minor Chips On Base Of Grips.

Good Action& Strips Easily. Price £450

No Licence Required.


 Obsolete Calibre 7mm Belgian Pinfire Revolver.

6 Shot With Folding Trigger. Medium Size Frame 7.5" Long Overall.

Good Working Action. No Licence Required. Price £SOLD


Obsolete Calibre Belgian 7mm Pinfire Revolver

Circa 1890. 6 Shot With Folding Trigger.

Good Used Condition & All Working. Approx 7.5 Inches Long O/A.

No Licence Needed. Price £295