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German M42 Snow Cammo Helmet

A Genuine WW2 M42 ET66 Helmet

That Has Been Externally Repainted In Snow Camouflage 

The SS Decal Is A Reproduction. Chinstrap Repaired.

Genuine Liner With Split Seam. Named Inside. Low Batch Number.

Price £395



German M35 Re-Issued Helmet

This Is A Norwegian Re-Issue Helmet That Has Had Reproduction SS Decals Applied.

Size 66 Shell Made By Nickelwerke. It Has A Typical Dyed Leather Liner

Chinstrap Is A Reproduction. Price £340



WW2 German M35 Grey Helmet

A Nickelwerke Made Size 64 Helmet With Period Liner & Chinstrap

Repainted Outside. 

Price £450



German 'Hitler Youth' Helmet

A Post War Lightweight Aluminium Helmet That Has Been Used For Theatrical Work

Hitler Youth Decals Are Reproduction. Liner Size 55.

Price £75



WW1 German M16 Cammo Helmet

A Period Camouflage Painted M16 Helmet.

Maker & Size Stamp Not Readable.

C/W Good Period Liner & Chinstrap.

Price £SOLD




WW1 German M17 Helmet

A Model 1917 That Looks Like It Had Decals Applied & Removed Probably In The Interwar Years

Period Repaint. C/W Original Liner. Rear Rivet Missing. 1 Chinstrap Bale Remade.

Price £SOLD




WW2 German M35 Helmet

A  Sachsische Emailler Size 66  Helmet With Square Bale Liner.

Leather Looks Like A Replacement ?

The Outside Has Been Field Repainted In Green. 

Price £395



WW1 M16 German Cammo Helmet

An Original ET66 M16 Helmet With Period Textured Camouflage Finish

This Is A Thickly Coated Dark Green Paint With Heavy Grit Or Wood Chips Mixed In

C/W Later Replaced Leather Liner

Good Condition Overall.

Price £395



Early M35 Double Decal German Luftwaffe Helmet

An ET 64 With An Unreinforced Aluminium Band Liner Dated 1937

Good Leather Liner. Original Decals With 'Droop Tail' Eagle

C/W A 1938 Chinstrap In Fragile Condition.

Price £SOLD




Cold War East German M56 Helmet

An Excellent Condition Example Of This Post WW2 Helmet

C/W Cammo Cover & Mint Condition Liner.

Price £65






WW2 German Childs Tin Plate Helmet Shell.

1930's Toy Helmet As Found Without Liner.

( Original Liner Was Made Of Paper ).

Harder To Find Than Adult Helmets. Price £SOLD







WW2 German M35 Early Helmet

A Fulda Made Size 62 Helmet With Original Reinforced Aluminium Band Liner

Square Bales & Early Roller Buckle Chinstrap.

Old Field Repainted Finish. White Square Decal Under Paint ?

A Nice Untouched Period Helmet

Price £SOLD



WW2 M40 German Helmet

An Original M40 By Quist In A Very Small Size 60

C/W Correct Liner & 1942 Dated Pelzer & Co. Chinstrap With Extra Holes.

Overall Finish Is Patinated Metal. 

Price £450



WW2 German Kriegsmarine Helmet

A Very Fine Example Of A Kriegsmarine M40 Helmet.

Size 66 Made By Emaillerwerke Fulda.

C/W Original Liner & Period Chinstrap. 

Nice Untouched Condition.

Price £SOLD




German M34 Pattern Helmet

A 1934 Pattern German Helmet With Post War Liner Fitted 

Y Shape Chinstrap Fitment. Probably Used By Fire Service.

Liner Size 55. Price £99






German M42 Green Repainted Helmet

An ET64  Repainted Helmet Green Over Black. Original Liner Band. Replaced Leather & Chinstrap.

Good Value. Price £SOLD



WW2 German M40 Large Size Helmet

Here Is A Very Large Size M40 Helmet Made By Quist. Shell Size 68

Quist Made Very Good Quality Heavy Helmets So This One Is Very Heavy Indeed !

Original Liner Still Fitted In Poor Condition. The Shell Had A Period Repaint.

Large Helmets Are Rare So Probably Re-Issued To A Larger Than Average Soldier.

Price £550




WW2 M42 Battlefield Found Relic Helmet A

This Was Dug From A Battlefield In Europe

Slightly Out Of Shape & Covered In Clear Grease To Stop More Rusting.

Price £69



German Inter War M16 Helmet

An Original Finish M16 Helmet By F.C. Bellinger. Fulda

Size 62. With A Later Model Liner & Chinstrap With Carabiner Catch.

Note Some Of The Red Rubber Inside Liner Behind Leather Is Crumbling Not Seen Outwardly. 

Price £380



WW2 Relic M35 Helmet

Here Is A Solid Relic M35 With Part Early Liner Left In Place.

An Eerie Battlefield Find This Makes For An Eyecatching Display.

Price £120




Refurbished German M34 Helmet

An Original M34 Fire Helmet With Large Swastika Decal Added

Price £110






Refurbished German SA Luftschutz Helmet

An Original One Piece Luftschutz Gladiator Type Helmet

Repainted In Brown With SA Decals. Good Clean Liner Fitted. Size Approx 59.

Price £125






Refurbished German WW2 Luftschutz Helmet

An Original One Piece Gladiator Type Helmet With Grey Repaint

Second Pattern Luftwaffe Eagle & Hitler Youth Decals

To Represent A Flak 'Helper'.

Liner Size 56. Good Condition. Price £125






WW1 German M16 Helmet

A Size 66 Helmet By Eisenhutten. Old Repaint.

Good Liner. No Chinstrap.

Price £365





WW1 German M16 Helmet

A Refurbished Gebruder Size 62 Shell With Replaced Aged Liner.

Non Original Chinstrap. Very Solid Helmet & Good Value.

Price £275




WW2 German M35 Helmet

An NS64 Shell With Original Liner Band That Has Had Replaced Leather

Green Paint Could Be Norwegian Repaint

Chinstrap Broken.

Price £325



WW1 German M16 Helmet Shell

A Small Size 62 Shell By Gebruder Gnuchtel

This Has A Fracture On The Crown. Blast Damage ?

One Chinstrap Fitting On Lug. Grey Outer Paint Probably Later.

Price £175




WW2 German M35 Helmet

This Is An SE62 Shell That Looks Like It Has Been Repainted In 'Sand' Colour Over Black & Green.

Some Areas Have Flaked Off.  It Probably Started Life As A Parade Helmet.

The Liner Band Is Original & The Leather Has Been Replaced Some Time Ago.

Chinstrap Is A Modern Replacement. Price £250






WW2 German M35 Helmet

A Repainted Q64 Shell With Original Liner Early Aluminium Re-enforced  Band & Square Bales.

C/W Original Chinstrap.

This Was Re- Issued To Norway & Some Decal Remnants Are Still Visible.

Price £SOLD



WW2 German M42 Helmet

A Rare qvl Size 62 Helmet With Original Green Painted Finish.

It Has A Period Liner With Dark Stained Leather.

*Note qvl Helmets Have Badly Stamped Markings. This One Has The 'v' Missing.

Batch Number Is Consistent With Helmets Made By This Rare & Little Known Maker.

Price £SOLD




WW1 German M16 Camouflage  Helmet 

An Original M16 Helmet With Period Camouflage Paintwork

It Has A Leather Band Liner In Good Condition. All Paintwork Is Original.

There Is A Small Pinprick Rust Hole In The Crown Otherwise A Very Good Helmet

 Manufactered By Eisenhuttenwerk Schlesien. Size 66 Shell.

Price £SOLD






German M42 Steel Helmet

A Found Helmet With Liner Ring. External Patinated Paint Finish Well Worn.

Internal Pitting Around Edge. Markings Not Readable.

Price £175







WW2 German M40 Helmet Shell

A Semi Relic Large Size 66 ? Shell With Pitted Finish All Over.

Feint Outline Of Eagle On One Side. Possibly Hand Painted ?

Slightly Misshapen From Battle Damage. Interesting Display Item.

Price £SOLD







WW2 German Luftschutz Helmet

A Dark Blue/Black German Home Front HelmetWith Original Cloth Liner.

As Used By Volkssturm & Firewatchers etc.

Price £89







 WW2 German Luftschutz Helmet

As Issued Or Purchased By Civilian Workers & Home Defence Personnel.

This One Has Original Black Paint, Leather 3 Pad Liner & Printed Rear Stamp.

Chinstrap Is Missing. Price £95







East German.Cold War Helmet.

C/W Cammo Cover & Chin Strap. - Price £45







 German 'Parade' Helmet

As Used By Various Services During & Post War.

Chin Strap Has Non Working Buckle. Recent New Black Paint Finish. - Price £75






WW1 & WW2 Helmets Of All Nations Bought & Sold.

US M1 Helmets & Liners - Prices From £45

British Mk2 Brodies - Prices From £20 to £80

British 'Turtleshell' Mk3/4/5 - Prices £20 to £90

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