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WW2 US M1 Fixed Bale Helmet

An Earlier Fixed Bale, Front Seam Shell. Batch Number For November 1942

Good Original Paint & Only Very Minor Dents.

With Early Westinghouse Liner. Original Webbing. Very Small Crack At Front.

Handpainted Decal On Liner. Chinstraps Look Like Replacements.

Price £340



WW2 US M1 'GAS' Helmet

A Well Used & Battered Front Seam Helmet Dated To Around May 1944

C/W Period Westinghouse Liner With Damaged Webbing

Probably From A Field Supply Depot 

Price £SOLD



WW2 US M1 Helmet

A Front Seam Shell With Heavy Textured Finish

Dated To Around July 1944

Original Type Westinghouse Liner With Damaged Webbing

Shell Looks Like It Might Have Been Used For Heating Water ?

Price £139



 US M1 WW2 Helmet

A Front Seam Shell Dated To Early 1942

With Original Paint. No Chinstrap

C/W Very Good 'Mine Safety Appliances' Liner

With All Webbing In Good Condition & Leather Liner Chinstrap.

Price £295




US M1917 Helmet

The WW1 Style Brodie Helmet. 

This One Has Been Outside Refinished & A New Chinstrap Added.

Original Liner & Inside Finish.

Price £170



US M1 Helmet With Painted Numbers

A Front Seam Shell With Period Green Paint Finish Overpainted Yellow Numbers

Post War Liner. Sewn Chinstrap.

Price £135






WW2 US M1 Schlueter Helmet

An Original Finish Shell With Firestone Liner. 

It Has Some Damage To Webbing & Sweat Band Is Missing.

Unusual Extra A Frame Riveted On Side Of Shell. Sewn Chinstrap

Price £195







WW2 American M1 Helmet

A Rear Seam Swivel Bale Shell. Heat Stamp Dates To Late War.

Westinghouse Liner With Some Damaged Webbing Also Late Wartime.

Worn Original Paint But Officer Bars Probably Reproduction ?

Price £175


WW2 US M1 Helmet.

Front Seam, Swivel Bale. Old Repaint.

Westinghouse Liner Has Some Webbing Damage.

Price £175







US.Type M1 Helmet

A Late Model M1 With Smooth Green Paint. 1950's Liner In Good Condition.

Handpainted Captain Stripe To Rear. Ideal For Re-enactment

Price £69







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British 'Turtleshell' Mk3/4/5 - Prices £20 to £90

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