US 1943 Pick Mattock M1910 Entrenching Tool

A Diamond Calk Made Pick Mattock Entrenching Tool

Dated 1943. In Good Condition.

Price £75







Military Cut Throat Razor

Joseph Rodgers & Son. 19th Century Military Razor.

C/W Retailers Box. John Dobie. Glasgow.

Split On One End Hence Price Only £59



H.A.C. Swagger Stick

A 34" Long Swagger Stick From The Honourable Artillery Company

Plated Metal Top. Named to W H Ogden Smith.

Price £45







Air Ministry MkVIII Goggles

A Pair Of RAF Goggles With Smoke Damaged Glass !

Also Leather Has Come Unstitched On One Side Of Nose Bridge.

Hence Low Price £50






Genuine WW2 US Army Carlisle First Aid Kit

Unopened Tin Containing Bandage & Sulfanilamide

Price £SOLD






Reproduction Film Prop WW2 US Army Field Ration D

A Box Of 12 Reproduction 4oz Chocolate Bars In Authentic Looking Wax Boxes.

Note This Is Not Real Chocolate & Cannot Be Eaten

Price £25 The Box Of 12






WW2 Shure 'Lollypop' SN-109 Microphone

A 1942 Dated Microphone In Good Condition With Cover, Lead & Plug

Untested But Should Be Working As These Are Very Tough Well Made Microphones.

Price £75






WW2 US M4 Gas Mask & Bag

A Lightweight M4 Gas Mask With M4A1 Bag

1 Metal Eye Frame Missing & Minor Damage To Outlet Valve Guard.

Rare To Find This Model.

Price £75



Leather 39 Pattern Revolver Holster

A Leather Holster With Press Stud Fitting Flap

Will Fit .455 And Later .38 Webley / Enfield Revolvers

C/W Internal Cleaning Rod.

Price £65







WW2 Italian Beretta M34 Holster

An Officers Webbing Holster To Fit The Beretta 34 Pistol.

Note The Rear Belt Loop Not To Be Confused With Later Metal Clip Fitting.

Price £45






 WW1 German Naval Binoculars

A Pair Of Goerz Trieder Binoculars. X 12 Magnification

Used By German Naval Officers During WW1

Unusual Parallel Opening Adjustment.  Lenses Good But Need Cleaning Out.

Price £70





Used Reproduction German Army Mess Tins

Only Blue Finish Available.  As Seen In Pictures

Price £15 Each






Hitler Youth Type Rucksack

A Small Back Pack As Used By Youth Groups Pre War.

Ritter Fittings.  Approx Size 13" High And 10" Wide

Price £35






French Field Glasses

Early 20th Century French Binoculars In Good Condition

Marked Militaire Aero Modele. Deraisme Paris. 71085

Approx 40mm Lenses.

Price Only £29






WW2 German P38 Pistol Holster

A Dark Leather Holster Made By Carl Heinichen. Dresden

Dated 1943. All Stitching Is Good & Normal Wear & Tear To Leather.

Price £SOLD



WW2 British Anti Gas Eyeshields

C/W Cardboard Sleeve Dated 1942.

Price £15






WW2 British Whistle 

A 1941 Dated Whistle By Adie Bros. Birmingham.

Price £30






 Replica American Civil War Ammunition Boxes

Brass Bound Painted Wood Boxes. Ideal For Re-Enactment Or Display.

Each Box Is Approx 24" Long X 12" Wide X 9" High. 

 1 Only Left

Price £50 






Russian 6X30 Field Glasses

A Pair Of Soviet Officers Binoculars Dated 1930

Believed To Be From The ZTM No 19 Factory At Krasnogorsk.

Eye Cups Chipped & Focus Separately. Case Is A Later Issue.

Hard To Find. Price £90







WW2 German Marching Compass

Bakelite Case. Dated 1943. Maker Marked: Busch Rathenow.

Very Good Condition - Price £70






 German WW2 Trench Periscope.

This Is An Original Periscope Made By Optikotechna Prerau. In Occupied Czechoslovakia.

It Has Good Optics & Original Paint Finish

Price £SOLD


 German WW2 Gas Mask Canister

A Green Finished M38 Canister. Surface Rust Inside.

No Mask. Price £45







Genuine First World War German Luger Pistol Holster

A Good Condition 1916 Dated Holster For The P08 Luger Pistol

Made By C Leschen & Co. Koln - Deutz

Price £SOLD






WW2 Czech Made 'Chema' Gasmask

These Were Made Under German Occupation In Czechoslovakia At The Beginning Of The War.

Marked WE 1939 On Cannister Base. The Mask Is In Good Stored Condition.

There Is Minor Rust On The Cannister & Web Strap Has Broken.

This Is Quite A Rare Find. Price £95

*Note For Display Only. Vintage Gasmasks Should Not Be Worn.






WW1  Wire Cutters

Dated 1917. These Are Typical First World War Cutters.

Note 1 Bolt Looks To Have Been Replaced.

Price £55






WW2 British Army Gas Mask Mk4

A Good Example With The Earlier Beige Colour Filter

Dated 1939. - Price £SOLD

* Note. Vintage Gasmasks Are For Display Only & Should Not Be Worn.






Reproduction US WW1 Haversack.

M1910 Pattern Doughboy Pack.

Price £49






WW1 French Trench Binoculars.

8x24 C/W Leather Case ( Named ). Stamped SRPI No3201.

1 Eyering Missing Otherwise Good Condition. - Price £250






WW2 US 30cal Machine Gun Ammo Boxes.

Made By Reeves Or Canco.

Original Paint Good Condition Grade A £40 each

Repainted Good Condition Grade B £35 each

Original Paint & Some Rust Grade C £30 each.






WW2 British Back Pack

37 Pattern Tan Webbing. Dated 1941. Made by G.B. & Co. - Price £25






US.50 Cal Ammunition Box

Price £30






Ross Binoculars 1941

50 x 7 Mag. Well Used Condition. - Price £65






WW2 Belgian Gas Mask & Cannister L702

As Reissued to Medical Units. Very Good Condition. - Price £59

* Note Vintage Gasmasks Are For Display Only. They Should Not Be Worn.