To comply with the VCR act these are all classed as Realistic Imitation Firearms ( RIFs). You must provide proof of membership of a re-enactment or skirmish club, UKARA Membership, theatre or film production company or museum to purchase these guns.

We can now supply guns in part painted bright colours. The above rules do not apply to these guns & anyone over 18 may purchase.

Please ask for details.

Any airsoft gun can be sent by carrier to your home or business address in the UK only.

All Prices Plus Delivery If You Are Not Collecting From My Shop.

 Marui Thompson M1A1 Electric 6mm Airsoft Gun

Full or semi auto. All metal with imitation wood. C/W battery & charger

Top quality. Realistic weight & very robust construction. - Price £290 






New King Arms Airsoft Thompson M1928 AEG Sub Machine Gun

Full Wood Stock & Pistol Grip. Metal Action & Gears. Drum Magazine.

Full & Semi Auto Selector. C/W High Cap Battery & Charger.


VCR Act Applies






New Airsoft Thompson Spring Powered SMG

A Great Value Single Shot Thompson With Clear & Wood Effect Finish

So It Is VCR Act Compliant & Anyone Over 18 May Purchase









New Soldier Silouette Targets

Suitable For Airsoft Ranges. 6 ins High. Made Of Aluminium.

Pack Of 5 - Price £16 Post Free.