14cm Trumpet / Funnel Target Holder

A Steel Target Holder For 14cm Targets.

Can be Wall Or Surface Mounted. Stops Ricochets. Ideal For BB Guns.

C/W Some Targets. Price Only £7 Each. SOLD OUT AWAITING MORE STOCK






Shoot N Smash Chalk Targets

Box Of 50 X 42mm Round Targets That 'Explode' When Hit 

Great Fun For Instant Scores & Shoot Offs

My Price Only £7.50 Per Box.






New Varmint Knock Over Targets

A Steel Silhouette That You Can Chase Around !

RRP. £14.95. But My Price £10 Each





New Milbro 3 Hole Match Target

Heavy Steel Construction With Cord Reset.

1" Apertures. Can Be Free Standing Or Wall Mounted.

RRP. £24. But My Price Only £20






New Milbro Bottle Rocker Targets

Heavy Steel Construction. 

9" High Bottle With Spinner For Non Stop Practice

RRP £19.95 But My Price Only £15 Each






New Remington 6.5" Targets

Quality Card Targets 

Pack Of 25 Only £1.50






Secondhand Brocock Slim Jim Pump

A Hand Pump For Brocock Tandem Air Cartridges.

Price £SOLD






 New Milbro 3-9X40AOEG Telescopic Sight.

A Superbly Made Zoom Scope With Light Up Military Type Reticle 

C/W Very Good Quality Mounts & Spare Battery.

This Is Incredible  Value For Money At Only £50 !!







New Milbro Red / Green Dot Sight

This Is A Very Well Made Single Point Sight For Airguns Or Airsoft Guns

The Dot Brightness Can Be Changed & When Zeroed It Is Very Quick To Use.

All Metal Body & Rail Mounts For 17-25mm Pictinny Mounting System Or Airgun Rails

C/W Spare Battery. Fantastic Value At Only £24.99 Each






Padded Rifle Bag / Gun Slip

Will Fit Most Rifles Up To 47" Long With Telescopic Sight.

Made Of Heavy Duty Nylon & Nicely Padded  With Side Pocket For Pellet Tin. 

This Is A MUST If You Transport Your Rifle In Public.

My Price Only £20 Each.






Air Rifle Tactical Reflex Sight.

A Head Up Display Single Point Reflex Sight.

Fighter Pilot Style Four Different Reticles Can Be Selected.

Good Quality Metal Construction. Much Quicker To Use Than Open Or Telesights.

Will Fit Standard Scope Grooves. Price £59



Air Rifle Folding Metal Bipod

A Strong Universal Quick Fit Bipod With Extending Legs.

Lightweight And Very Easy To Use This Makes Rifles Extremely Accurate.

One Of The Best Accessories You Can Buy.

Price £25



Air Rifle Telescopic Sights

4 X 32 Complete With Good Quality Mounts.

22cm Long. This Will Fit Most Air Rifle Rails.

My Price £30

Other Size Telescopic Sights & Mounts Available. Please Ask.






Universal Laser Sight

For Use With Rifles Or Pistols. It Projects A Red Dot Onto The Target.

It Comes With Various Mounting Systems & Can Be Used With A Lead & Switch

Or Rear On/Off Button.







Firebird Exploding Targets.

Flash - Bang - Smoke

For Airgun Ranges. 40mm Diameter. 10 Per Pack. - Price £SOLD OUT






Range Of Airgun Accessories Normally Stocked

88gm CO2 Cylinders  £8 Each

12gm CO2 Cylinders. 14 For £10

Card Targets £5 Per Pack

.177 & .22 Lead Airgun Pellets From £4 per Tin

.177 Steel BBs 1500 For £7

6mm Plastic BBs Heavy Weight 2000 For £8

Gun Oil £5 Per Tin

Sound Moderators From £30

Pistol Cases £15

Cleaning Kits For .177 & .22 Airguns £10

Metal Knockdown Targets. Rabbit, Duck,Crow,Pigeon,Squirrel, Rat. £35 Each.